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Web Site Development Questionnaire

Thank you for choosing Manster Web Services for your web development needs. To help us better serve you, we have compiled a list of design related questions that will assist us in calculating a web site estimate. There is no obligation involved. This is for estimate purposes only. If you prefer a very rough estimate fill out our fast quote.

To ensure an accurate estimate, please be as specific as possible when answering the questions below.

If you prefer to send the questionnaire by fax (305-461-4819), please download our Microsoft Word version (61KB) or Adobe Acrobat pdf version (94KB).

You will need the Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the pdf version.

1) General

a) Please describe the details of your web site project:

b) What are the objectives of developing/redesigning your website?

E-Commerce/On-Line Sales
Improve Customer Service
Provide Information on Products and Services
Broaden your Customer Base
Supplement your Current Advertising
Keep in Contact with Current Customers
Improve Site Design & Layout
Improve Functionality and Navigation
Other (Please Describe):

c) What areas of service do you expect from Manster Web Services?

Domain Registration
Web Site Design & Development
Web Site Enhancement
Web Hosting
E-Commerce/Shopping Cart
Web Programming
Database Integration
Flash Animation Design
Graphic Design
Internet Marketing & Promotion
Grammar & Text Editing
Web Site Maintenance
Training & Consulting
Other (Please Describe):

2) Custom Design

a) Please describe the style or "look and feel" for your site.

b) Please list one or two sites with a "style" or colors that you want for your site.

c) Please describe the layout or overall structure for your site.

d) List one or two sample sites with a similar structure and layout for your site.

e) Please specify what color combinations you want for your site.

3) Content

a) How will the text be provided for your website?

Use the text of our present website
We will provide the content for the site on disk or electronic transfer
We can provide literature and other printed materials
We will need the text developed completely
Other (Please Describe):

b) How many pages of text will be involved in your website? (estimated)

Other (Please Describe):

c) How will the images of your website be provided?

Use the images of our present site
We will provide the images for you on disk or electronic transfer
We have pictures/printed material (requires scanning)
We will need digital pictures taken
Provide us with images suitable to our specifications
Other (Please Describe):

d) How many images will be in your site? (estimated)

Other (Please Describe):

e) How will the logo or graphics be provided?

Use the logo/custom graphics of our present site
We will provide the logo/custom graphics on a disk or electronic transfer
Develop a logo or custom graphics for our site
Other (Please Describe):

4) E-commerce

a) Do you want to enable shopping cart capability to the website?


If Yes, how many products and/or images will be included? (estimated)

b) How will your website handle payment processing?

Traditional Processing (Checks, Money Order, etc.)
Manual Credit Card Processing (Processed by the merchant)
Real-Time Credit Card Processing (Automatically processed on checkout)

c) Do you already have a merchant account for manual credit card processing?

Yes (Company name:)

5) Technical

a) Have you registered your site with a hosting company?


If Yes, what is the URL of the hosting company?

b) What server technology is your website hosted on?

Not Sure

c) Is your website currently connected to a database? (If yes, please choose)

Microsoft Access 97/2000
SQL Server
Other (Please Describe):

d) Will your website need to connect to a database?


e) If Yes, how will the database be provided?

Use our existing database
Create a new database
Other (Please Describe):

6) Promotion

a) How important is it to get a high ranking on big search engines?

Very Important
Not Very Important

b) How many daily visitors are coming to your site? (estimated)

7) Miscellaneous

a) How involved will you be in the process of developing your site?

Very Much
Some Interaction
Little Interaction

b) Are you looking to joint venture with us on this project?

Yes (Please Describe)

c) Will your website require a "Under Construction home page" during the design process?

Yes (Note, hosting fees will apply)

d) How did you hear about Manster Web Services?
(Please be specific.)

8) Personal Information (* Required Field)

Contact Name: *
Company Name:
Company Address:
Company Description:
City: *
Zip Code:
E-mail: *
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