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Manster was responsible for the entire development for the Workbuggy.com website. Professionals and Employers can collaborate and bid with each other on jobs and projects.


Manster was responsible for the entire design and development department for the Microcomputer Institute (MCI) in Miami Dade Community College (Kendall) website. Students will be able to view all of the courses offered and perform many other tasks.

Miami Dade Community College

Manster developed this entire E-commerce project. Interlabs is a leading medical product corporation all over the world. Includes Online catalog, Custom Shopping Cart Integration, Complete Checkout Process, UPS Zip Code look up for shipping (automatic calculation), online administration, and much more.

Interlabs Corporation

Manster was responsible for the entire development and design process for this website. It consists of a dynamic Access database driven (ASP/Vbscript) website of over 4000 english words (20,000 captions) and its definition, synonym, antonym etc. We provide full ongoing maintenance for this website and much more...
Program Requirements


This website encompasses the Mouvement pour l’Unité National (Movement for National Unity - MOUN or "people" in the Creole language) is a socio-political organization whose goal is to stonewall the threat of dictatorship facing Haiti based on the country’s motto: Liberty, Equality, Fraternity, with a global vision for reconstruction. Manster was responsible for the entire website, including the Flash animations and Discussion Forum done in ASP.

Mouvement pour l’ unité Nationale

Manster developed the entire ASP CASS system for Miami Dade College (College Wide). It interfaces with an existing SQL Server database. Functions include, Add, Edit, Delete, Search Instructors, Assignments, Schedules, and much more.

Miami Dade CASS System

We are completely responsible for the design, layout and structure of this website. It provides information for the entire College of Education department in the Florida International University.

Florida International University

Police Motors Division is a supplier to government agencies and law enforcement departments worldwide for late-year model police-package pursuit-design patrol vehicles. Majority of the animations were dont in precisely calculated in Flash. We provide on going daily maintanance for this website.

Police Motors Division, Inc.

We designed and are completely involved with this entire web site. It features e-commerce to purchase child security programs.


Bankers Direct Business Finance is a capital loan and commercial loan financial institution for Businesses and individuals. We were completely involved in the development of this website.

Bankers Direct Business Finance

We are currently developing this website in all aspects of design, layout, and maintenance. This is a worldwide import/export company of all types of products.

Simi Global Corporation

We currently maintain every part of this website, including adding, deleting, and archiving news articles.

Radio Haiti Focus

We developed the Flash animation in the website.


Dixie Foods, Inc. is an international food distributing company that specializes in canned and non perishable foods.

Dixie Foods, Inc.

This website involves marketing information for a software called Webesprit which deals with residency programs. The goal was to have a technology look, but with a medical touch.

Feedback Technologies, Inc.


We collaborated with the technology department for the University of Miami Richter Library's website. This website includes features such as online access to all library catalogs, password protected access to circulation records, circulation record maintenance, and remote access to library collections.

University of Miami Library

Manster performed outsourcing work for this web site which included website design, e-commence shopping interfaces for Spanish section, database connections and querying of products using Microsoft SQL server, site user maintenance using Microsoft Windows NT administration tools, and website transaction coding using such languages as ASP and SQL.

Acer America

We designed and are completely involved with this entire web site. It features software training, computer sales, networking services, and much more. Customers will be able to place orders online. We are currently developing the site.

Hi-Tech 2001 Inc.

Ideal farms is a site promoting the sale of Paso fino horses. This site is fully accessible in two languages, English and Spanish. We were involved in every step of this web site including: design, layout, content, and images.

Ideal Farms Inc.

Unique Fitness

Guimar NV
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