(Project Requirements)
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Client: Marshall Daniels
Location: Rome, Italy

Project Description:

This web site is an on-line subscription based English language tutorial. It provides users with a vocabulary builder exercise, listening exercise, and phrasal verb exercise. In addition, members receive the daily newsletter reinforcing the previous day’s lesson. The website is database-driven with an automated newsletter.

Technologies Involved:

-ASP/Vbscript (Server-Side Programming), HTML, Javascript, SQL, Access 2000, Windows 2000 Server, Internet Information Server 5, ActiveX, Verisign Payflow Development

Program Requirements:

Question Template (Database Driven)

-Automatically extract the 3 new words of the day according to the members’ level
-1 word quiz per page/w next word link on same page
-3 distinct words for each level everyday
-Definition, Part of Speech, Synonym, Antonym
-Selects 2 images/captions for each word
-Text box for answer

Answer Template (Database Driven)

-Word, Definition, Part of Speech, Irregular Form, Synonym, Antonym ($)
-Gap Word corresponding to its caption/image
-Answer that user entered will appear inside the same textbox
-After 3rd word, user can view an infinite loop of random chosen words for each day
-Calendar & Home Link

Listening Template (Database Driven)

-Randomly selects a set of 4 images and captions
-Dependent on user level
-Sound file which user has to match with the corresponding image
-Soft click for the wrong answer
-Caption shows underneath the image for the correct answer
-Repeats for the next 3 images of the 4
-4 sets per day

Phrasal Verb Template (Database Driven)

-Similar to the Question and Answer Template
-Presents the phrasal verb of the day
-Reviews the phrasal verb for past days

User Authentication

-Password Protect member section
-When user logs in, website detects user's level – Beginner, Intermediate, or Advanced

Members (Automated Instantly)

-Account Management
-Send forgotten Username & Password
-Cancel newsletter subscription
-Change personal information
-Change level


-3 calendars for each member level (Dynamic)
-Days are clickable and will take the user to the quiz of the day
-Can view any day of the year
-Small Pop-up window which will control the pages in the website


-Database Restructuring
-Database Modeling
-SQL Programming


-Accessible by any user free of charge
-Sample newsletter and Question/Answer Templates
-Buttons/Links for different levels
-Instant 1 week free trial (Automated) with randomly generated password sent via email.

Newsletter Members (Automated)

-Email consists of a template with the 3 words of the day
-Definitions, Part of Speech, Synonyms, Antonyms, Images/Captions
-Answers link which takes the user to the website login page
-Program chooses the images/captions randomly from the ones available
-Images/Captions are different than the ones shown in the website (if applicable)
-HTML Compatible
-Automatically emails to members their corresponding level everyday at 3:15am

Newsletter (Marketing)

-Answers link which takes the user to the website demo page
-Intermediate level
-3 words will always be the same and so will its contents


-One subscription product with real-time credit card processing
-Instant Notification to ASP backend programming for "Instant Member Access"

Administration Management (Backend)

-Insert/Delete/List of Members

Design & Content

-Design Simple Background & Logo
-Add content and edit existing content
-Languages: English, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese